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Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing

A guide on what to expect when beginning a Guerrilla marketing campaign, how to be prepared for all the challenges that come with this style of marketing.

In the marketing space, there are 3 styles that you can follow; Traditional, Organic, and Guerrilla marketing. Now, these styles can all integrate with each other, organic and traditional, guerrilla and organic, etc. The best style to work with is an amalgamation of all. Specifically, I will be talking about guerrilla marketing it is often likened to big spectacles, like a flashmob, or a popup billboard. Some of the best ways to guerrilla market are to start small with campaigns that require little financial input but have a high audience reach. Social Media is a great way to start guerrilla marketing, its free, its accessible, and it has quickly become some of the largest most integrated communities on earth. It is a marketing goldmine that also has free entry. There is a reason that large corporations are building social media marketing teams because they can see the value.

When guerrilla marketing it is important to remember 2 things, price and reach. It sounds obvious but it is more of a spectrum of reach rather than specific numbers that say a traditional ad campaign (Newspapers, tv ads, etc.). This means that there is a much higher chance for your campaign to blow up, but also a chance that it won’t go anywhere. This is a great result for little risk, the best tip for a guerrilla campaign is to keep the costs as low as possible. They can be made for almost no money, their price is time and effort as well as your enthusiasm.

It is important though given that your expenses are your time and enthusiasm that you don’t push yourself too hard behind each campaign, you’ll burn out and start to feel disheartened if you have a couple that doesn’t take off. The best strategy is to focus on a couple of strong campaigns and really work to make them solid and appealing. They may not take off but less is more in marketing so you don’t want multiple campaigns running at once. Don’t put all your eggs in one single campaign and don’t add any serious funding to a campaign that isn’t picking up. 

Guerrilla marketing can be an incredibly powerful strategy given how cheap and effective it can be, not only for bringing your own audience in on new products or updates but also for finding new potential customers/clients that have a similar interest, it is more guided than traditional marketing and more reliable than organic marketing. It can be an incredibly effective tool if used correctly, the best way to build your understanding is to keep at it and keep trying. The best way to learn is to try.

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